Ernest Davis

Where is Ernest Davis?

Ernest Anthony Davis who goes by the street name of “Nemo” is a known accomplice of Vincent Smothers in multiple murder cases. Ernest Davis has a brother by the name of James W. Davis who resided in the area of Lexington, Kentucky. After committing a murder, Vincent Smothers and Ernest Davis would go to Kentucky together and lie low until they felt it was safe to return to Michigan and carry out another crime. Smothers and Ernest Davis were observed leaving the scene of a Detroit area homicide in a late model Cadillac with Kentucky license plates registered to James W. Davis. The car was later located in Detroit in a burned out condition with a murder victim in it.

According to Smothers, the murders on Runyon Street were ordered by a man named “Lano” over a drug dispute and Ernest Davis had assisted him on the job.

Smothers told police he instructed Davis to stash the murder weapon, a .45-caliber handgun, in his cousin’s house on Promenade Street. According to court records, that is in fact where police found the pistol.

Considering all this, one would assume that Ernest Davis would be the number one suspect as to who was Smothers’ accomplice in the Runyon Street murders. However, to this day no charges have been filed against him. Instead, he has walked free for more than two years since Smothers’ arrest and confessions. In fact, there is no record of police having ever even questioned Davis.

(No photos of Ernest Davis are available publicly.)


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