By Sister Siebra Muhammad

Life can be tough on all of us,
but lately your sun won’t shine.
Your going through so many things,
that are way worse then mine.

But look how far you’ve made it,
and look at the friends you’ve made.
I hope you realize how much we love you,
the memory will never fade.

Your unique and so full of talent,
don’t you dare let it all go to waste.
So many wonderful things about you,
that you couldn’t ever be placed.

You are but a lone seagull,
but you soar with beauty and grace.
Your intelligence is so stunning,
the icing is your beautiful face.

Sometimes what others say is important,
because what I want to say is all true.
You’re a great person and friend,
you’re special and there’s no one like you.

Steel all the sun for yourself,
because it’s each heart you’ve stole.
Stay strong because you have the courage,
and smile because it brightens each soul.

This poem was written for Davontae by a very beautiful and compassionate supporter of his fight for Justice, Siebra Mohammed we thank you

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