We tell children to stay in a child’s place, so why are there so many children in prison. Kids forced to grow up at a fast pace, now enslaved in prison living. Lock em up and throw away the key, seems to be the desired course of action. Illogical thinking and ill fated reforms have proven to be a failed reaction. Instead of rehabilitation disguises in prison, how about trying rehabilitation in their homes. Since in all actuality, that is where these children really belong. The eyes of Justice, have definitely become blinded to the ways of this mad scheme. When all they can think of is punishment, instead of these children chasing there dreams. Young impersinoable minds, now being shaped in an environment full of mistrust and anger. Only to be freed one day, thereby placing the community at an even greater danger. What was once an innadnt mind, now hardened from the affects of doing hard time. No longer chasing their dreams, its now chasing a life of crime. Its time to find solutions to this problem, because soon it’ll be too late. Its a community problem, that we cant afford to leave it to the state. There is no reasonable minded adult, who should be in agreement with this. So in the name of Davontae Sandford, lets take a stand for “Justice”
 by Curtis Jones 
 © Copyright All Rights Reserved


Keep In your thoughts Davontae Sanford !

 It will have been 6 long years to Davontae Sanford was falsly arrested for the Runyon Street murders.
He was 14 years old. He is now 20,
More than Six years of his childhood were stolen from him by a corrupt legal system which only continues to work to cover up the terrible wrong it has done him. In the mean time, those who are known to have carried out this sickening crime go uncharged.
Davontae is innocent. The police know it. The prosecutors know it. The courts know it. Anybody who reads the court records and police reports knows it.
This could have been any one of us, or any one of our children who was falsely arrested, railroaded, and imprisioned. If we let this stand, who will be next?
Please join us in demanding that the police investigate those who ordered and carried out the Runyon Street murders. Demand that the prosecutors stop covering up their frame-up of this innocent child and come clean. Demand that Davontae be freedto come home
You Can Write Him At
Davontae Sanford-684070
ionia maxmium correctional fac.
`1576 w.bluewater highway
ionia,mi 48846

Under the Spotlight’ Hit man: I pulled trigger, not teen

A Detroit hit man in prison for eight murders said he’s willing to publicly take responsibility for four more to help clear a young man who now says he’s innocent of the slayings and confessed at age 14 only to satisfy police.

Vincent Smothers’ testimony would be the most crucial evidence yet to try to persuade a judge to throw out Davontae Sanford’s guilty plea and free him from a nearly 40-year prison sentence. In an interview with the Associated Press, Smothers declared: “He’s not guilty. He didn’t do it.”

Smothers said he never used a 14-year-old accomplice — blind in one eye and learning disabled — to carry out his paid hits, mostly victims tied to Detroit’s drug trade. There’s no dispute that Smothers confessed to the so-called Runyon Street slayings when he was captured in 2008, but prosecutors have never charged him and never explained why.

“I understand what prison life is like; it’s miserable. To be here and be innocent — I don’t know what it’s like,” Smothers said of Sanford, who is now 19. “He’s a kid, and I hate for him to do the kind of time they’re giving him.”

Smothers confessed to a series of murders, including the execution-style shooting of a Detroit officer’s estranged wife, for $50. He says he was paid $60,000 over a two-year period. He eventually pleaded guilty to eight slayings and was sentenced to at least 52 years in prison.

Sanford, meanwhile, has been fighting to get out of prison. A Wayne County judge soon is expected to decide whether to throw out his guilty plea to the four killings on Runyon Street in 2007.

We need to hold those accountable to protect the Innocent,



We need to hold those accountable to protect the Innocent,

make phone calls to the Governor of Michigan
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 – Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863
Executive Office Staff List
Governor Rick Snyder
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
Northern Michigan Office
234 West Baraga Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 228-2850 Washington D.C. Office
444 N. Capitol Street, Northwest
Hall of the States, Suite 411
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 624-5840
Other Requests
Flag Honors
Flag Request FormGov. Rick Snyder announces the appointment of Jackson County Sheriff Daniel Heyns to the post of corrections director in Lansing.
Daniel Heyns, Director
Michigan Department of Corrections
206 E. Michigan Ave.
Grandview Plaza
PO Box 30003
Lansing, MI 48909

More Details To come!

Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s Budget Mess

Good morning County Commissioners:

I write you this morning in
anticipation of today’s 11:30 a.m. budget meeting with Wayne County
Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s Budget Mess who is expected to present her case before the
Committee on Public Safety about how the budget cuts have impacted her
staff. I ask that you deny Ms. Worthy’s request for any additional
money for this budget year for the following reasons. First, as Ms.
Bell very well knows from past meetings between her and our group, the
People’s Task Force to Free the Wrongfully Convicted, Ms. Worthy
received more than $3 million from the City of Detroit for her purported
review of adjudicated cases involving the Detroit Crime Lab. Aside
from the fact that funding violated state law which prohibits a
prosecutor from receiving funding from a municipality, as her office
salary is set annually by the County Commission, for Ms. Worthy to now
complain she is in dire need of additional money to fund operations is a
fault of her
own making. She wasted both, human and financial resources by pulling
her staff to conduct post-conviction reviews of thousands of adjudicated
cases that were in addition to her regular duties as prosecutor, to say
nothing of the fact that both conflict of law and ethical issues
demanded that she not conduct those reviews. But she did, and against
our strong urging against allowing her to do so. So, there is where a
lot of her staff’s hours went to in cases where the prosecutor was
reviewing cases she prosecuted. On that note, Ms. Worthy should be
tasked with explaining what she did with the $3 million she unlawfully
received from the City of Detoit. Perhaps it’s time to ask her.

Finally, one case in
particular strikes at the heart of her conduct of wasting money to fight
appeals in which she refuses to heed her ethical obligation to confess
error. That of Davontae Sanford, a 14 year old mentally challenged kid
who was induced to plead guilty to four murders in 2007 for which
post-conviction evidence of his innocence has emerged in which a
professed hitman for Detroit Police, Vincent Smothers, has unequivocally
confessed to those crimes. Despite evidence of his innocence, Ms.
Worthy has spent untold THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS prosecuting that case and
fighting the appeals, although she has the power to save the county
money by simply confessing error in that case and set Davontae free.
Remind her, if you will, of her own crimes in continuing to deny justice
for that little boy whose freedom she stole with no regard for due
process of law and continue to deny to this day. I have no sympathy for
her; she is
corrupt; she is no guardian of justice.
Roberto Guzman

love Truth, Justice and equality…

We call on people all over the world who love Truth, Justice and equality…To stand with Davonte Sanford and Johnnie L. Savory in the spirit of Emit Till..We need to hold those accountable across every Nation that block the Administration of Justice from going forth to protect the Innocent, Davonte and Johnnie; moreover, let us remember, we failed Emit Till as a Nation.
let’s show the world that God is on Throne, left your voices, send emails, sign petitions and make phone calls to the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn,
Jesse Jackson, Sr. (773) 256-2700.

Illinois Governor.
By Phone or Mail
Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-0244
TTY: 888-261-3336
Office of the Governor
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph, 16-100
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-814-2121

Johnnie L Savory website make a donation to support the Innocence Tour, the first of its kind any where in the world, its our turn to a stand against injustice everywhere. Repeat for Davonte

Demand DNA testing for Johnnie Lee Savory
Free Davontae Sanford

Did you see this documentary?

See my response to NBC.  I am pissed!
I watched with disbelief your February 15, 2012 documentary regarding our local prosecutor, Kym Worthy, and what a great job she has done in bringing justice to countless victims involving uncatalogued and untested rape kits once stored by the Detroit Police Department.  As an initial matter, your coverage was lopsided and filled with quite a bit of inaccuracies.  First, contrary to Kate Snow’s assertion that Ms. Worthy never received funding from the City of Detroit due to budgets being “decimated,” while Ms. Worthy might not have received local funding from the City of Detroit to test the rape kits, she certainly received $3 of city taxpayers’ money to fund her self-regulated investigations into the former Detroit Crime Lab for purpose of reviewing adjudicated cases involving the ballistics division, in violation of state law that forbids a county prosecutor from receiving funding from local municipalities.  Not surprisingly, Ms. Worthy did not admit to receiving that money in your February 15 documentary.  Of course not, considering she took that money – illegally allocated as it was – and ran off with it and did not confess error or award new trials in any case involving ballistics evidence.  No prosecutor would ever confess error in a case they mishandled or otherwise worked to deny justice.  As for the rape kit investigations, Ms. Worthy did in fact receive $600,000 after US Representative John Conyers advocated for her to receive that funding when the scandals involving those kits first became public.   In addition, Mr. Worthy very well knows that state law forbids a local prosecutor from receiving “additional” funding for additional duties.  Thus, she went into these two major investigations involving the rape kits and the ballistics division knowing she was not entitled to additional funding and did not have the money to pay her prosecutors to carry out these additional duties. 
I found it quite interesting that your field reporter, Kate Snow, was not a bit interested in doing balanced reporting about our local prosecutor and the many scandals that rocked her office over the years.  If she had, she would have learned of worse forms of denials of justice committed by the very prosecutor who NBC offered such a huge sound bite at self-glorification.  
While Ms. Worthy is deserving of praise for her efforts in advocating for the victims involving years’ worth of untested rape kits, her office is just as guilty in denying justice to many innocent defendants who she knows were wrongfully convicted of crimes but yet refuses to confess error, let alone the fact that her office was recently directly involved in suborning perjury that sent an innocent man to prison.  That case involved an assistant prosecuting attorney named Karen Plants, who, despite all the evidence of her guilt in suborning two local police officers and a drug informant to lie on the witness stand, Ms. Worthy refused to even reprimand, much less prosecute for her crimes.  Even after the state attorney general stepped in to prosecute Ms. Plants and after she was duly convicted, Ms. Worthy refused to so much as even issue a public reprimand against one of her own who violated the public’s trust and confidence in the justice system.  Then there is the ongoing legal battle involving 14 year old Davontae Sanford – a mentally challenged kid – who was wrongfully convicted of four murders he did not commit and who was induced to plead guilty to those crimes in the basis of fraudulent evidence that both – Ms. Worthy’s office and Detroit Police – introduced in court against him.  Less than a year after Davontae was induced to plead guilty to those crimes, the actual killer – a professional hitman for Detroit Police – came forward and confessed with precise details to killing the four victims Mr. Sanford was alleged to have murdered.   To this day, Ms. Worthy refuses to acknowledge the injustice in this case and confess error and set Davontae free.  Why?  Because it is the political correct thing to do, even at the expense of justice.  Go back, if you care, and ask Ms. Worthy to confess her wrongs in the Davontae Sanford case.  Ask her about the denial of justice in that case!  She is no guardian of justice.  She is treacherous.  She cares nothing about justice and that is my reason for correcting your lopsided, unbalanced story on NBC last week.   And if NBC truly cares about justice for Davontae as it does for the women of unsolved rape cases in Detroit, it would go back and ask the prosecutor why she continues to allow Davontae to rot in prison for crimes he did not commit.  She knows why:  to confess error is to confess liability in a civil suit, and she knows it!  Ms. Worthy has the blood of innocence in her mouth.  Shame on her.  And shame on you, NBC, for not doing balanced news reporting. 
In your February 15 documentary, Ms. Worthy mentioned that of the 600 rape kits tested so far, 21 showed those crimes were committed by serial rapists.  She further indicated she expects to uncover more serial rape type crimes.  I wonder, however, what has the remaining 579 kits uncovered.  How many innocent defendants are likely sitting in prison today for a rape for which the test results show their innocence but Ms. Worthy refuses to confess error and set them free?  Just as she has done to Davontae Sanford.  Perhaps Kate Snow can go back and ask her that question –that is, if NBC is truly interested in doing balanced reporting.  Ask her, if you will, would she set the innocent man free? 
In closing, I want to say that if NBC truly believes in justice, if you truly understand the fundamental rights to due process and a fair trial – something Davontae never received – you would balance your February 15 documentary by telling the world about his case and bring Ms. Worthy to answer for her crimes. 
Roberto Guzman